Aslak Knutson

Arquillian lead and cofounder Aslak Knutsen is a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat where he is working on projects such as Arquillian and ShrinkWrap, one of the founders of the JBoss Testing initiative and a speaker at major industry conferences including JavaOne, Devoxx, Geecon, JUDCon, IBM Impact and Oracle Open World.

Session: Arquillian and Forge

Josh Long

Josh Long is the Spring developer advocate. Josh is the lead author on Apress’ Spring Recipes, 2nd Edition, and a SpringSource committer and contributor. When he’s not hacking on code, he can be found at the local Java User Group or at the local coffee shop. Josh likes solutions that push the boundaries of the technologies that enable them. His interests include scalability, BPM, grid processing, mobile computing and so-called “smart” systems. He blogs at or

Session: Building ‘Bootiful’­ Applications with Spring Boot

Chris Kelly

Chris is a long-time developer, open source advocate, and community manager. He believes that flourishing is the key to happiness, servers are an anachronism, and the person that will create SkyNet has already been born. At GitHub he splits his time between talking with people and computers. His stuff lives in San Francisco where he visits it from time to time. Chris tweets occasionally, speaks often, and drinks coffee in between.

Session : Gotta Grok Git: Productivity with better Git and GitHub

Martijn Verburg

Most software development teams deliver applications over budget, not on time, and with a distinct lack of quality. So how do you transform your organization and teams from a cost center into part of your revenue-generating business? How do you get your IT teams to work at their creative best? How do you create those magic “x10” teams that people keep talking about? Over the past 13 years, Martijn Verburg (a.k.a. The Diabolical Developer) has specialized in transforming technical teams. In this session, he covers the cultural and technical habits of highly effective teams in organizations from deep-tech startups through to ponderous government departments. He unveils the truth and tells you what not to do, based on bitter first-, second-, and thirdhand experience.

Session: *Keynote* The Final Frontier

Holly Cummins

Holly Cummins is a senior software engineer developing enterprise middleware with IBM WebSphere, and a committer on the Apache Aries project. She is a co-author of Enterprise OSGi in Action and has spoken at Devoxx, JavaZone, The ServerSide Java Symposium, JAX London, GeeCon, and the Great Indian Developer Summit, as well as a number of user groups.

Simon Maple

Simon is a Developer Advocate at ZeroTurnaround, and is all about community discussion and interaction. His passion around technical communities led him to become the founder and organiser of the vJUG (virtualJUG), as well as continuing to be an active leader of the London Java Community (LJC). Simon’s energy in building and driving the Java community forward culminated in him becoming a Java Champion in 2014. Previously, Simon worked for IBM for almost 12 years, testing, developing and evangelising WebSphere Application Server. He is an experienced speaker, having presented at JavaOne, DevoxxUK, DevoxxFR, IBM Impact, JDC, JMaghreb and many more (including the vJUG 🙂 ), and is a keen technical writer for RebelLabs. You can catch up with Simon on twitter at @sjmaple

Session: Continuous Testing: JRebel & XRebel

Simon Ritter

Simon Ritter is head of Java technology evangelism at Oracle. Ritter has been in the IT business since 1984 and holds a BSc in physics from Brunel University in the U.K. Originally working in the area of UNIX development for AT&T UNIX System Labs and then Novell, Ritter moved to Sun in 1996. At that time he started working with Java technology and has spent time working both in Java technology development and consultancy. Having moved to Oracle as part of the Sun acquisition, Ritter now focuses on the core Java platform and Java for client applications. He also continues to develop demonstrations that push the boundaries of Java for applications like gestural interfaces.

Session : Improved Developer Productivity with Java SE 8

Sven Peters

Sven Peters is a software geek working as an ambassador for Atlassian. He has been developing Java applications for over 12 years and leading small teams using lean methodologies. Sven likes effective software development and cares about the motivation of developers.

Session : Coding Culture

Trisha Gee

Trisha is a developer at MongoDB. She has expertise in Java high performance systems, is passionate about enabling developer productivity, and has a wide breadth of industry experience from the 12 years she’s been a professional developer. Trisha is a leader in the London Java Community, and involved in the Graduate Development Community, she believes we shouldn’t all have to make the same mistakes again and again.

Session : Pick the right tools to improve your productivity