Live vJUG Session

Thursday, 16 October 2014 20:00

Shaping Java’s future & vJUG party!


(You can also attend virtually!

Adopt-a-JSR and Adopt OpenJDK are community driven programs that provide a hands-on route to getting involved in defining the future of Java technology. Working together with the Java Community Process (JCP), these programs have gained world wide community participation in the last two years and have contributed to both the Java EE 7 and Java SE 8 platforms in a concrete and significant way. Learn from experts and participants in the programs and find out how you can start contributing to creating better, more practical standards today and in the future.

Panelists to be announced soon!

This session will be streamed as usual on but will also have a live audience at Shoreditch Village Hall, London, as part of the GeekOut UK community night!